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Trimble County Drug Series

Impact presentation October 24

Free Smoking Cessation classes in Spencer & Shelby Counties


Veterans Appreciation Reception November 5

Healthy Holiday Cooking & Eating November 17

KCHC meeting November 7

The Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities (KCHC) is announcing a new 3 part Motivational Interviewing Workshop series as part of an effort to better equip our communities with health and wellness resources. The KCHC will focus its fall meetings on training stakeholders and community members on the basics of Motivational Interviewing and how to utilize it to improve health.

Motivational Interviewing is a way to help individuals find the motivation to make positive decisions for their health. It utilizes a nonconfrontational, collaborative effort between the professional or lay support person and community member to spark motivation and initiate change. The professional or lay support person engages with the community member to explore feelings, including ambivalence about changing, and then helps the person to find his or her own motivations for change. The focus is on allowing the community member to make their own choices and arrive at their own conclusions without feeling outside pressure to do so.  

This exciting three month series will be facilitated by Dr. Anna Faul and Dr. Joe D’Ambrosio from the Institute for Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging at the University of Louisville. Drs. Faul and D’Ambrosio have years of experience using Motivational Interviewing in clinical practice and teaching the method to various disciplines within the University.

The series starts on September 5, 2017 and concludes on November 7, 2017. The trainings will be hosted in three different locations during the three month period and will be broadcast through Bluejeans videoconferencing to all three participating sites. Although encouraged, it is not necessary for participants to attend all three sessions. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the series.  Participants are asked to register at to receive their training manual.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Classes in Trimble County Begin October 11, 2017

Chronic Disease Self-Management Classes in Henry County Begin November 7, 2017

Q&A session on Alzheimer's and dementia October 26, 2017

Health Fair - November 4, 2017

FREE smoking cessation class in Henry County

Veteran volunteers needed!

Health & Wellness Coalition of Henry County


Health & Wellness Coalition of Shelby County


Henry County Diabetes Support Group

Description of group: “New Beginnings: A Discussion Guide for Living Well with Diabetes” is a resource that uses stories about people living with diabetes to help lead discussions about the emotional side of living with diabetes, and help people with diabetes identify family and social support needs and develop goal setting, positive coping and problem solving skills.  First Thursday Evening @ 7:00 PM  @ 4-H Building at Fair Grounds       Mona Huff-502-845-6849