Tobacco-Free Living

According to America's Senior Report 2016, 12.4% of  Kentucky residents over 65 reported smoking daily or most days.  See how Kentucky compares with other states.  Smoking or chewing tobacco is linked to diabetes complications, heart disease, cancer, and many other chronic diseases. It's a hard habit to quit, but if you want to, there are helpful resources in Kentucky to help you do so.

Tobacco Cessation Classes

Smoking and tobacco cessation classes are periodically offered in your county!


  • For residents of Shelby, Trimble, Spencer and Henry Counties, call the North Central District Health Department, (502) 633-1243 for information on the next class.
  • For residents of Bullitt County, visit the Health Department's website or call (502) 955-5355 for information on the next class.
  • Smoking cessation classes are also taught at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville. Contact them for details at (502) 647-4000.
  • For residents of Trimble/Henry/Oldham County, Hope Health Clinic offers free classes with FREE nicotine replacement.
  • For residents of Barren/Hart/Metcalfe County, contact Barren River Health Department for information on the next class.
  • For all residents, Freedom from Smoking offers online help to quit smoking for a small fee.

Kentucky's Tobacco Quitline

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for free phone support if you are trying to quit smoking or using tobacco, or want to support a loved one who is trying to quit smoking. Find out information on tobacco, addiction, and treatment, the risk of smoking and secondhand smoke, and other information about tobacco. You will speak one-on-one with a counselor who is trained to help you answer the difficult questions during this process. For more information, click here.